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Little Arabella Miller Watercolor
Dimensions 8.5" X 11"

* * *Buyers not living in the U.S., please contact me by email to buy & find out international shipping rates. Thanks! * * *

When I was teaching English in Beijing I often liked to teach the children fun songs in English and give them an illustration to help them remember the words. I found this little ditty online and made up my own tune and variations. The illustration below is one I gave copies of to my students, who just loved it! The exclamations are done loud and dramatically, and the word caterpillar is drawn out into 4 long syllables, just for fun. Below is my variation of the song…

Little Arabella Miller
Had a fuzzy cat-er-pil-lar
(Tickle palm with two fingers)
First it crawled up on her mother( “Oh!”)
(Walk fingers up left arm)
Then upon her baby brother (“Wahhhh!”)
(Walk fingers up right knee)
Then it crawled on Father’s head (“Hey!”)
(Walk fingers up on your head)
Then upon her Sister’s bed (“EEEEeeek!”)
(Walk fingers beside your leg)
They said, "Arabella Miller!
Get rid of that cat-er-pil-lar!" (one hand on hip, the other hand with shaking finger at the other person)v
Little Arabella Miller
Sad about her cat-er-pil-lar
(make a long face)
Put him on the windowsill
With a little sigh
(hunch shoulders and sigh)
And early in the Springtime,
He became a Butterfly!
(cross hands and join thumbs, flap fingers to make a butterfly)


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