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Meanwhile, she raised her two children, her wizard-boy, Merlin, and her fairy-girl, Melantha, in a creative home filled with art, candles, music, and lots and lots of books! Throughout these years she painted, researched and drew each day, taught her children to love God & the sea by which they played, and planned one day to go to China. Though times could be difficult, her sustenance, both spiritual and emotional, was a deep faith like a great fountain in her Heart.Her studio, Angel Illuminations, was opened in 1983, in her home, and was named for those winged muses who surrounded her and whose presence she always felt. She experimented with different styles to suit her mood and synchronized her work with her inner seasons of hope, despair and joy.

The paintings and drawings have appeared in women's magazines, church journals & newsletters, children's magazines, & newspapers--she has designed a little of everything, including theatre posters, menus, business cards, newsletters and logos, as well as websites and other media for local businesses, shown her work in local galleries, churches and synagogues, and has taken on many private commissions for portraits, devotional images, particularly specializing in angels, fairy and devotional subjects.

In 2003 she fullfilled her long-held dream of moving to Beijing, China for 3 years, teaching English, making voice recordings,seeking inspiration for her art; Beijing is her second Home. Even though China is considered atheist, there are still many who actively seek a deeper spirituality through religion, and it was heartening to see how well-attended the Sunday Masses were. While living in Beijing and observing this core of faith among her friends and acquaintances, Cheryl began work on the Sacred Images exhibit that she had envisioned long ago, to pay homage to those saints, and to Jesus and Mary, who had assisted & upheld her all her life;the Sacred Images were shown at her cathedral in Beijing,Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

In March of 2007 Cheryl--after many years of searching and praying and hoping--- met a very special man, Raul Solis, fell completely in love, and married him in the woodland of Skidaway Island, GA, near the marshes she loves. Her husband is from Peru, and he is a kind, humorous, wise and loving Aries, who has proved to be her Rock in times of trouble, her beloved Soulmate, compassionate step-father, as well as being a really fine cook!

Currently Cheryl Baisden Solis owns and operates Angel Illuminations Studio, where her art is created, and Imladris Productions, from which her writing is published. She is a short story writer, a published journalist, food writer and researcher, who has also published online at Yahoo--look for her articles under the name 'Imladris'. Cheryl is also a gifted reader of Tarot and Past Lives who has continued her readings throughout the last 33 years; you can find more about Readings by Imladris at the Tarot link at the top of the page.She has a life-long love of good food and cooking and loves writing about it; you can see some of her recipes at the Food52.com link below.


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