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Ever since I can remember, I have loved to draw and paint for children. Looking through my colorful storybooks was among the most treasured moments of my childhood, and it was not long before I wanted to draw what I saw, then make up my own pictures. The pieces here are my favorites, and have a gentle, cheerful theme. Raising children of my own gave me a good perspective into their unique worlds--one tends to forget what innocence and freedom are like as we age into adulthood- and observing them at play,laughing, dancing, gave me a deep joy. I have many sketches of my children, and they were always a rich source of material for my art.

Later, while teaching in China, I drew lessons out for my students, illustrating English nouns, verbs,and prepositions, so that each child had a unique book to study from. While in Beijing I also conceived the idea for a series of books called "Merlin's World", based on my son's early childhood, and will include some of those sketches here soon.

Most originals are for sale or you may purchase any of them as prints. Many of these images are offered on our T-Shirts page--if you see an image you would like on a T-shirt anywhere on this site, just email me and I will have it made for you! You may also purchase the images on blank 5.5" X 8.5" notecards--the card set is printed on heavy cardstock, envelopes included.


Help end world hunger

Goblin Tea

The Candymakers

Watering Flowers

Calling Snowball

Cajun Baby

The Lace-Makers

Curly Locks


French Picnic

Comet Breakfast


Welcome, Queen Sabbath!

Gingerbread House,Savannah,1902

Merlin's Tale

Cat Dancer:Applause at Last

The Gift


Faerie Folk's Song to the Moon


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