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I visited the world of Faerie often as a child, usually while wandering through my grandfather's garden. They were as real to me as any human playmate,and they told me stories of dragons, ladies in white and haunted gardens. As I got older, though I saw them less often, they still inspired me to paint their likenesses, or to at least portray a little of their sense of mystery. Age and experience colored this World in shadows and some touch of sadness, though I believe the subject matter that arose seemed even more rich. That world of fantasy and illusion, of magic and innocent belief led to a series of fantasy paintings, some of which are offered here, with the darker side represented as well--I hope you enjoy them!

If you would like your own, personal faerie or angel, suitable to your unique personality, please contact me about subject, size, price & medium, and I will create a one-of-a-kind Fantasy World gem just for you!

Most originals are for sale or you may purchase any of them as prints. Many of these images are offered on our T-Shirts page--if you see an image you would like on a T-shirt anywhere on this site, just email me and I will have it made for you! You may also purchase the images on blank 5.5" X 8.5" notecards--the card set is printed on heavy cardstock, envelopes included.


Moon Faery

Angel Yisrael

Faery Ring

Stella Dormis

Cosmic Mother

Lady Winter

Greek Wizard

Guardians of the Night

Shadow Bride

Buddha Bear

The Lost Key


Fire of Creation

Hookah Dreams

Death and The Maiden

Skein of Life


Father Sky Mother Earth


1983-2013 All images on this site are copyrighted and the property of Cheryl Baisden Solis and Angel Illuminations.
No material may be used without express permission of the artist. For more information on using any of these images, click 'Contact the Artist' above. Thank you!