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St. Joan of Arc - Watercolor Painting Dimensions - 12.5" X 16"


* * *Buyers not living in the U.S., please contact me by email to buy & find out international shipping rates. Thanks! * * *

Joan entered this world at Domremy, France on January 6th,1412 ~ she was an extraordinary and pious child, skilled at spinning, grave beyond her years. As she played around the Fairy Tree with her playmates, tying notes, with wishes written in them, to it’s branches, who could tell that this sweet child would one day be the inspiration of all France? At age 13 God chose her as the witness to a special vision: in a blaze of light she saw the Archangel Michael, accompanied by St. Catherine and St. Margaret ~ their voices resounded clearly in her mind. They bid her to go to court and assist the Dauphin in becoming Charles VII, and to lead his armies against the English. How could a simple girl muster the strength to do such a task? But Joan did.

She wore a suit of armor and cut her hair short in order that she might protect her modesty, and indeed she always carried an air of untouchable chastity. The men of Charles’ army found great inspiration in her and were moved to action by the power of her vision ~ they followed her faithfully, until she was captured by the English in May 1429. In morbid fear of her power over men and in superstitious dread, the English church condemned her to death as a witch. At the tender age of 19 Joan was tied to a stake and burned, her ashes scattered to the wind.

Twenty-four years later, Joan's aged mother, Isabelle, convinced Pope Callixtus III to reopen Joan's case, resulting in an appeal which overturned the original conviction by the English. Pope Benedict XV canonized her on 16 May 1920. She is considered the Patroness of France, and remains an important figure in western culture, as well as a saint of the young and faithful.

A note on the spelling of the banner and the French at the bottom & elsewhere--the banner uses Joans own spelling, JHESUS. The other French phrases are not modern French and may look different to those who speak the language now--since styles change over the centuries, I have used the spelling, grammar, etc. from the old French.


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