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Images on this page from my painting

Where did I pick up the HTML code to create my site? Where did it all begin? With the following site, which has been immensely helpful through the years! HIGHLY Recommended! HTML GOODIES

Whenever this comes in the mail, THAT is a good day--I have to make myself put it down to, just so I can get dinner ready or housecleaning finished--but it's always there waiting! ARTISTS MAGAZINE

Despite the name, this is a great company to buy your supplies from, especially when they have those big yearly sales around Sept. through Dec. CHEAP JOE'S ART STUFF

Movies, T.V., shows old and new; reviews, critiques, message boards--you'll spend hours just sifting through your favorites--find it all at Internet Movie Database!

Truly wonderful site for foodies of all levels, whether you're a master chef seeking recipes & ideas (this is James Beard's fav site!), or adventuresome food writer or lover of good food & cooking, you'll find satisfaction at FOOD52.COM.

This is THE place for Calls for Entry, when artists want to enter contests with cash prizes! ARTISTS MARKETPLACE

Go HERE to get the latest news & products and for the BEST colored pencils in the world (and yes, I've tried'em all!) PRISMACOLOR

This is a great place to look up the Masters and their work--she has it all--from Vermeer to Van Gogh! Olga's Gallery


Beverly Hollingsworth: Quantum Healing for Mind,Body & Spirit

Alligators Galore! Kayaking & Nature Tours, Savannah, GA

Visions of Heaven is a world which offers you solace when you seek peace, delights the child within when you seek play, and gives you materials with which to expand your spirit.

A great resource for Artist of all kinds!

GalleryArtDirectory.com - Art Directory and Resource of Online Artist Gallery.

The Saatchi Gallery - Contemporary art in London


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