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Blessed Miguel Augustin Pro - Watercolor Painting Dimensions - 12.5" X 16"

* * *Buyers not living in the U.S., please contact me by email to buy & find out international shipping rates. Thanks! * * *

This holy Mexican martyr was born of a pious Catholic family in Guadalupe on January 13th, 1891. As a child, he was pious but good-humored, witty, and a little wild—sometimes his precocious behavior pushed him near death; once, upon awakening from a great fall, he cried for “Cocol! “, his favorite Mexican sweet bread, and thus earned that nickname for himself among his friends and family. When a beloved older sister took vows and became a nun, he began to recognize his own vocation for the priesthood ~ he entered the Jesuit novitiate in Michoacan in 1911.

Because of the danger of the Communist take-over of Mexico, and the resulting violent anti-clericalism, he and his order were moved to France, where they took their final vows. Father Pro suffered greatly with a severe stomach ailment, and went through 3 operations; in spite of this, he wished to return to Mexico to serve his people. Grave religious persecution was the order of the day in Mexico of that period; priests and nuns were captured, tortured & killed, and many churches were being shut down. Father Pro, however, used his natural cleverness and great faith to bring Christ to his people: he disguised himself each day in order to pursue his secret ministry. He would come in the middle of the night dressed as a beggar to baptize infants, bless marriages and celebrate Mass. He would appear in jail dressed as a police officer to bring Holy Communion & Last Rites to condemned Catholics. His sense of humor was well-known, and he vowed he would do a Mexican hat dance in heaven for all those long-faced saints!Thus he made his way throughout the city, & the People loved him greatly.

The government, though, did NOT. On a trumped up conspiracy charge he was captured & condemned to death before a firing squad. On Nov. 23, 1927, even as his family outside held up a final “stay of execution”, he was stood against the wall. He asked that he be allowed to pray, and there he knelt in front of the firing squad: the Calles government had meticulous photos taken of this martyr’s death as a scare tactic to other rebels. Father Pro arose, forgave his executioners, raised his arms in a cross, and cried “Viva Christo Rey!” - Long live Christ the King, and was shot down. Thousands attended his funeral, and the cause for his canonization continues today.

To learn more about the life, faith and martydom of Blessed Miguel Pro, check out Ann Ball's detailed website HERE!






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