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PanGu, Chinese Creator God - Watercolor & Prismacolor pencil and marker Painting Dimensions -9.5" X 19.5"

* * *Buyers not living in the U.S., please contact me by email to buy & find out international shipping rates. Thanks! * * *

In China there is an ancient myth about a kind of creator god called PanGu, an immense, powerful, hair giant who was the beginning of the universe. He appeared in the great Void, sleeping inside a giant Cosmic Egg for 18,000 years. After this time was up, feeling restless, he broke through the Egg, pushing the top half UP to become the Sky and pressing the bottom half of the Egg DOWN to become the Earth. He stood like this way for 18,000 years to keep the Earth and Sky separate. He was assisted in these great tasks by 4 Celestial Creatures: the Turtle of the North, the Qilin of the West, the Dragon of the East and the Phoenix of the South. After this 18,000 years of standing and pushing, he lay down upon the Earth to die. His right eye became the Sun, his left eye became the Moon, and various other bodily parts became mountains, grass, rivers, trees, oceans and filed out the Earth.

I have been fascinated by this tale for a long time and decided to create my own strong and colorful version of it.


ART CARD SET (5)-$20


ORIGINAL PAINTING-$800 (matted&framed)


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