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The pieces here are of various kinds, some illustration, a duet of portraits, magazine paintings, for instance, and give an idea of the kind of work I do in my studio. Many of the pieces tell a story, and one of them was quite controversial when displayed at a local gallery. They really are a kind of potpourri, a little taste of this and that, for your enjoyment and mostly created for journals, magazines, or privately commissioned. Prints of all of these pieces, however, are available for sale.

Most originals are for sale or you may purchase any of them as prints. Many of these images are offered on our T-Shirts page--if you see an image you would like on a T-shirt anywhere on this site, just email me and I will have it made for you! You may also purchase the images on blank 5.5" X 8.5" notecards--the card set is printed on heavy cardstock, envelopes included.


Setting the Library Clock

Pretty Decisions

Spring Morning

Stolen Kiss

Tropical Romance

Sacred Marriage

Egyptian Boy

High Fashion

Death Takes the Maiden

Lighthouse I

Lighthouse II

Lighthouse III


Kitty Moondance

Lady Spring

Japanese Gentleman

Chinese Family

Chinese Dragon


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No material may be used without express permission of the artist. For more information on using any of these images, click 'Contact the Artist' above. Thank you!