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A set of 78 cards with ancient images featuring all aspects of the Life Path. You shuffle the cards, concentrating on what you need to know, then I lay them out. By observing the position of the cards in a reading, as well as which of the images show up and the particular combinations, I can get a clear picture of the Life Path at that moment and in the near future...what you do with the information is up to YOU.


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Each Soul incarnates multiple times in different forms, male or female, in various races and social positions, health and so on, in order to learn what is needed for spiritual and emotional growth, to balance Karma (both good & bad), and to eventually become wise enough to at last return peacefully, in wisdom & strength, to it's Original Source. A Past Life Reading tells the progress of that Soul, giving details to make the Soul Path clear.

There are 2 ways to pay for your Reading(s)
1) Tarot card readings are $40; Past Life readings are $60 (1 hour). You can pay for the Reading(s) through Paypal (which does not require an account) by clicking on one of the Paypal buttons below--I have used this service for years, and it is VERY safe. Email me and let's set up a day & time for the Reading(s), you pay through PayPal, then give me a call and I can do the Reading(s) over the phone.
Pay for Tarot Reading here:

Pay for Past Life Reading here:

2) You can send a Money Order through the regular mail, with your request & info, and as soon as the M.O. clears the bank I will do the reading, print it out and send it to you by regular mail.
Please NO CASH through the mail-it could get lost too easily!

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    Should I continue the relationship with my lover/mate/sweetheart/friend? What can you see coming up for me in my present career? Should I change jobs? Is the job/offer/contract going to be beneficial for me? Should I move to that new city/town/state/country? How will my/my loved oneís health situation develop over the next 6 months? These are just samples to show you the kinds of things people ask.


    Did I know my mate/friend/co-worker/sweetheart/enemy in a past life? What was our relationship and are there still things to be worked out between us now? Did I ever live in
    China/South America/France, etc. during any time period? Is my/my loved oneís health problem connected in any way to a past incarnation? Will I meet my soulmate/twinsoul in this lifetime (this can be in a romantic way OR as a friend or relative)?

    Thanks so much for your consideration, and remember: When you try and understand what is coming up in your life, when you are unafraid to ask questions, when you make the attempt to improve your life, relationships, health, karma, you KNOW you are on the right Path.

    Thank you, and may God richly bless your life!


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