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Angel of Taurus Pen and Ink

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TAURUS is a Feminine, Fixed, Nighttime, Negative, Earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus (some noted astrologers have said the true planet of Taurus is Pan-Horus, yet to be discovered). The herbs associated with Taurus are motherwort, lovage, thyme and maidenhair fern. The Angel of Taurus is female, and, being symbolized by the bull or cow, she is depicted as the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis/Hathor, suckling the Divine Son, Horus. On the left is the column bearing the heiroglyphs of Isis, and on column on the Right (masculine)side, are the heiroglyphs of Horus. Taurus rules the art of Music, so Isis wears musical instruments on her sash. Taurus is a sign of plentitude, and the table is full of the fruits and vegetable associated with the sign--melons, figs, mushrooms,and peanuts, and the vase is full of Roses.


ART CARD SET (5)-$20




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